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There is something magical happening when we listen to game audio. It is a form of communication, invisible, and that acts mostly through our subconscious, that encompasses both technical and artistic means to communicate and give the best possible experience to the players. My work is to help them immerse in worlds and stories that don’t exist until the moment the game starts. I like to think that I’m contributing to giving them a little bit of magic and happiness when they get involved in the work I passionately created.

I truly believe that to give this depth of experience to the players, I have to think of sound design and music as a single matter. When I write a score for a video game I try to remember that I’m working with sounds and music and that there shouldn't be a distinction between them. Music, for me, it’s not only about form, harmony, and notes, instead, notes are my tools, my alphabet, to create sounds that shall blend and complement the other listening environment and experiences through the game. When all the elements that I create agree to a single aesthetic, at that point, I feel I’m really creating something that it’s true to the experience that I’m eager to share and enjoy with the players.

I aspire to break the wall that separates the diegetic sounds from the non-diegetic, wherever appropriate. I aim to embrace a style of compositions that takes advantage of the expressive and artistic possibilities of these two artistic forms of communication to create a unified aesthetic experience that perfectly fits the story and the settings I want the player to immerse in. I’m not afraid and instead, I look to breaking rules that others or myself have created to obtain the best result I can and bend those rules to the experience I crave to create.

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